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Schools Creative Programme
The programs of creative and imaginative workshops aim to improve children’s oral standards and create memorable learning experiences. Over the last 12 months Ffa-la-la have developed learning programs for each year that develop creativity and learners oral skills.
Each workshop is a combination of musical activities, play and drama that come together to promote learning. This is done through the use of stories, songs, role-play, movement, musical instruments, props and puppets to awaken children’s imaginations. Each workshop is relevant to curriculum requirements and contains core Ffa-la-la elements which are specifically tailored to compliment and support each school year’s thematic plans. By now there are 8 schools in the program.
The Ffa-la-la programme has been designed specifically for the Foundation Phase to develop Welsh language skills and creativity through Music and Movement. These action-packed events offer a unique experience and use songs, visual stimuli and musical instruments to develop the pupils’ creativity. We have designed workshops based on the following themes for each year group:
  • 1. Transportation
  • 2. Me and Myself
  • 3. The Weather and the Seasons
  • 4. Animals
  • 5. People who Help Us
  • 6. At the Seaside
  • 7. Toys
  • 8. Space and Super-Heroes
  • 9. Colours and Shapes
  • 10. Countries of the World
  • 11.The Garden
  • 12. Healthy Eating
If required, we can discuss the feasibility of adapting these themes to meet your specific year group requirements.
Ysgol Gymraeg Cwmbrân’s Experience
During October – November 2016 Ffa-la-la was invited to host a program of workshops for The Foundation Stage in Ysgol Gymraeg Cwmbrân based on the themes ‘Me and Myself’ ‘Celebrations’ and ‘Countries of the World’. In the words of the Headteacher Ms Catrin Evans:
“We saw a significant improvement in the children’s confidence as they used the language patterns modelled within the sessions. Each child got a lot out of the Ffa-la-la programme and were stimulated and enjoyed each session. We saw a big improvement in their self-confidence as they performed in front of each other. There’s no doubt that every child looked forward to Ffa-la-la’s weekly sessions. Ffa-la-la’s teaching resources are also excellent.”
Ffa-la-la was invited back to Ysgol Gymraeg Cwmbrân in February to visit years 3 and 4.
Ffa La La
Ffa La La
A fluent Welsh-language music specialist.
Ffa La La
Carefully-planned programme of workshops for each year group to develop children’s creative and linguistic development.
Ffa La La
New Welsh songs to sing and learn.
Ffa La La
A variety of musical instruments.
Ffa La La
Tactile props such as musical scarves, parachute and beanbags to create a multi sensory interactive experience.
Ffa La La
A selection of puppets and other resources, including flash-cards to engage with the children.
Each workshop typically last for 45 minutes. Please contact or 07771677827 for more information.