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Interactive bitesize lessons tailored to support teaching Welsh in English medium primary schools and nurseries

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Estyn Annual Report 2018/19 states that in many schools, pupils lack the capacity to speak Welsh confidently and that this often reflects the weak quality of provision?

Ffa-la-la has created a methodology that focuses on developing and improving Welsh language skills,  and pupils will have FUN doing it!

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What we can do for you:

  • DEVELOP pupils’ Welsh language skills. 
  • Make teaching Welsh EASY and FUN for your staff.
  • Ensure that every child will be familiar with TWENTY KEY SENTENCE PATTERNS from the ‘Continuum of Welsh language Patterns’.
  • GUARANTEE that every child will LOVE the Ffa-la-la way of learning.
  • Demonstrate why EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL that we have visited has given us FIVE STAR RATINGS.

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How it works:

  • Learning Welsh doesn’t have to be boring! Enjoy developing Welsh language skills with our newly recorded WORKSHOPS.
  • Teaching Welsh language patterns can be overwhelming. Each of our workshops makes learning language patterns EASY and FUN.
  • We’re aware that finding Welsh teaching resources can be difficult. That’s why we have developed resources to SUPPORT the programme e.g MUSIC, SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES, WRITTEN ACTIVITIES.
  • Never have to worry about what to do in your next Welsh lesson
  • If not TOTALLY satisfied , you will receive FULL refund.
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Jennifer Scott, Headteacher at Ninian Park Primary

Kieley Moore, Welsh Language Co-ordinator, Herbert Thompson Primary School

Since introducing Ffa-la-la, the children’s understanding of Welsh has increased. We have Reception children who are now using Welsh incidentally in a variety of situations in class.

Jennifer Scott, Headteacher at Ninian Park Primary IMG_2529

We saw a significant improvement in the children’s confidence as they used the language patterns. Ffa-la-la’s teaching resources are also excellent.

Catrin Evans, Headteacher at Ysgol Cwmbrân


Since participating in Ffa-la-la workshops both pupils and teachers are more enthusiastic about the Welsh language and are more confident to get involved with incidental Welsh around school. The songs have really stuck with the children. I regularly hear them in the playground singing the songs with one another, which is lovely to hear and something that wasn’t happening before we started using Ffa-la-la.  For us as teachers, it means they’re actively reinforcing their language patterns and meeting Welsh government requirements in a way that they enjoy.

Miss Moore, Welsh language Co-ordinator

Ffa-la-la has been inspirational for our staff and children

Kate Parry, Childcare Development Officer for Bridgend County


I would highly recommend Ffa-la-la. The children got so much out of this way of teaching Welsh.

Foundation Phase teacher at Twyn School, Caerphilly


What to do next:

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Frequently asked:

Q. Why use Ffa-la-la?

The Ffa-la-la programme gives pupils a great opportunity to develop communication skills in Welsh. Our programme aims to improve skill and use of the language so that pupils can speak Welsh confidently in and out of the classroom.

Q. Can you give us an idea of the content of a typical Ffa-la-la workshop?

Yes. Please get in touch here and we’ll send you a free taster video.

Q. Will this programme help us achieve our Gold award in The Welsh Language Charter?

Our programme of workshops encourage the pupils to enjoy learning Welsh and therefore helps to promote a strong Welsh ethos within the school. Typically, schools can use Ffa-la-la workshops to collect photos, videos and testimonials from pupils and include these in the school’s evidence portfolio.

Q. For what age are the workshops for?

Foundation Phase however some schools choose to use the programme for other year groups as a ‘Welsh language refresher experience’.

Q. How do I use the videos?

All of our videos will be available within a membership site which you can play on any digital device.

Q. Can these workshops be paused?

Yes. Each video has been divided into different chapters concentrating on different language patterns. You can either watch the entire videos as a whole or choose to show one chapter  (i.e one language pattern) at a time.

Q. Do you provide supporting materials?

Yes. The resources comprise of;

Videos: Music videos and sketches for you to view with your pupils.

Songs – The songs used have been specifically arranged to aid the teaching of each language pattern. Both vocal and instrumental versions of each song are provided to allow practitioners the freedom to adapt the words and have fun with the music. Included in the resource, alongside the written lyrics of the songs, is a glossary of words and the phonetic spellings.

Activities – We have created lively activities that are stimulating and further enrich the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of each language pattern. Some activities have music-based approaches, using rhythm and repetition. Other activities are based around circle-time activities, allowing pupils to have shared responsibility for the outcome. Some are drama based.

Written activities – Our written activities further develop pupils’ understanding of the simple sentence structures. These appealing activities can be adapted, based on the pupils’ abilities in each class and are for two groups of different ability.

Q. How many children can take part?

There are no minimum or maximum numbers.

Q. Do we need to make special arrangements?

No. Pupils can participate in the workshop in the classroom or in an open space such as the school hall.

Q. Do we need to pay for workshops in advance?

Yes. This is a one time fee ae. We will send you the workshops via an on-line membership portal so that you can access them at any time.

Q. How much does a programme of workshops cost?

£4oo – Foundation Phase

£3oo – Years 3+4

£3oo – Year 5+6

£800 for a bundle

Q. Can I see a review of your workshops?

Of course. Please see our testimonials.

Q. We enjoyed the free taster workshop. What’s the next step?

Get in touch and we will send you a link to our membership site and you can purchase the programme of workshops. If you have more questions, please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to talk over the phone.