The resources comprise four sections as follows:


The songs used have been specifically arranged to aid the teaching of each language pattern. Both vocal and instrumental versions of each song are provided to allow practitioners the freedom to adapt the words and have fun with the music. Songs are available online or on a CD. Included in the resource, alongside the written lyrics of the songs, is a glossary of words and the phonetic spellings, making this resource accessible for both proficient and novice Welsh speakers. In language learning and music, repeated practice is very important, therefore we suggest that these songs become part of the daily routine.

Suggested activities

We have created lively activities that are stimulating and further enrich the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of each language pattern. Some activities have music-based approaches, using rhythm and repetition. Other activities are based around circle-time activities, allowing pupils to have shared responsibility for the outcome. Some are drama led.


Each language pattern has been brought to life through an original story, allowing pupils to further develop their understanding of each language pattern and also to widen their vocabulary and make important links between the spoken and written word. We have introduced characters who appear in each story, stimulating an interest in not only the characters themselves but also in the language patterns used through imaginative storytelling.

Written activities

Our written activities further develop pupils’ understanding of the simple sentence structures. These appealing activities can be adapted, based on the pupils’ abilities in each class and are for two groups of different ability.

Price: The Resource Packs are an essential component of the training programmes and can be bought £80 per individual.