Jennifer Scott, Headteacher at Ninian Park Primary:

‘The project with Ffa-la-la has benefited the children and staff in our Nursery and Reception. Carys has guided our staff through a series of songs, giving them the skills and the confidence to be able to take this forward. Since introducing Ffa-la-la, the children’s understanding of Welsh has increased. We have Reception children who are now using Welsh incidentally in a variety of situations in class. We can’t wait for the next project!’

Catrin Evans, Headteacher at Ysgol Cwmbrân:

‘We saw a significant improvement in the children’s confidence as they used the language patterns modelled by Ffa-la-la. Each child got a lot out of the Ffa-la-la programme and were stimulated and enjoyed each session. Ffa-la-la’s teaching resources are also excellent.’

Foundation Phase teachers at Twyn School, Caerphilly:

‘Ffa-la-la is a very effective way to develop Welsh. The children used new Welsh vocabulary and language patterns in fun ways’

‘Ffa-la-la allow us to enforce key vocabulary and new sentences in a fun and engaging way’

‘Excellent! The children were engaged and continued using the language patterns in class and on the yard’

‘I would highly recommend Ffa-la-la. The children got so much out of this way of teaching Welsh’

Kate Parry, Childcare Development Officer for Bridgend County;

‘Ffa-la-la has been inspirational for our staff and children. The children have loved participating in the workshops and developing their Welsh language skills. Staff have enthused about the many positive benefits that the Ffa-la-la training has had on their development and understanding of the Welsh language.’

Participants in our training events;

‘Training was fantastic! I would highly recommend to others’

‘Great course. I learnt so much that will help me to deliver Welsh lessons in my setting’

‘A very enjoyable course. Built my confidence in the subject’